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Penny Fox


Welcome to Centerpoint Knights Music with Mrs. Fox


 -We offer 2 Vocal Music performing classes at CHS

     *Centerpoint Jr. High Knights Choir 7th & 8th Grades

     *Centerpoint Sr. High Knights Choir 9th-12th Grades

I’m excited about this year and look forward to a great music experience with our choir students!

                                                              composers of music history

-8th Graders at CHS rotate every 9 weeks.  One of these classes they rotate through is a General Music course. 

     *We learn Western European Music History from the Renassaince to the Modern Time Periods in these classes!  

                                                    band instruments

-CHS offers instrumental music classes ranging from 7th grade Beginner Band to High School         Marching Band.  

        I assist with our Band students daily!   


                                    It’s A Great Day to be a Knight!

Penny Fox

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