Centerpoint Academy of Agriculture & Skilled Trades is a district conversion charter school for juniors and seniors interesting in pursuing careers in agriculture or a skilled trade. The school infuses agriculture and skilled trades into every class, including core classes such as math, science, English, and history.

CAAST has built-in Skilled Trades Days as well as built-in Ag Work Days. On Skilled Trades Days, CAAST students work with industry professionals at their job-site for the day. On Ag Work Days, all CAAST students work on campus at the 98-acre school farm, in the agri shop, in the greenhouse, or in the Food Processing building.

All CAAST students must be active members of Future Farmers of America (FFA), participate in Career and Leadership Development Events (CDEs), and complete at least two programs of study in agriculture. All CAAST students also complete a capstone project and an ag/skilled trades-based internship before graduation.

CAAST is Arkansas’ first and only agricultural charter school. Approved by the Arkansas Department of Education’s Charter Authorizing Panel in October 2019 and funded by the Arkansas Public School Resource Center in December 2019, the charter school opened in August 2020.




Interested in joining CAAST?

Students and parents interested in joining CAAST for their junior and senior years of high school should call 870-356-2912.