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Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY: Plan, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive guidance program. Supervise all standardized testing in his or her building. Assist students with their guidance needs.


· Follow all Centerpoint School District policies and the Arkansas Department of Education's "Educators' Code of Ethics."

·Counsel students based on individual needs.

·Provide counseling in individual or small group settings.

·Arrange and schedule appropriate programs and assemblies.

·Assist principals in developing a master schedule.

·Collaborate with other school and district staff to design testing programs for students.

·Use an effective referral process to help students use available programs and services.

· Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents as required by law.

·Assist teaching staff in teaching of guidance-related curriculum.

· Develop and maintain effective individual and group relationships with students and parents.

· Consult with parents, teachers, and administrators to enhance their work with students.

· Supervise all aspects of standardized testing within his or her building.

· Ensure that all teachers are trained to administer standardized tests.

· Maintain a cooperative relationship with other staff members.

· Maintain a valid teacher's license with appropriate certification.

EDUCATION/TRAINING: Minimum of a Master's degree with a valid Arkansas teacher's license with appropriate certification in guidance counseling.

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